Mazor group is a multi-generational company built on hard work, loyalty, and pride in what we do.

Shlomo and Judy Mazor started Mazor Steel just over 40 years ago in 1981. As immigrants their English may have been limited but their determination to create a legacy for their family was unlimited. Shlomo managed the fabrication of the structural steel projects and Judy the finances. With Shlomo’s obsession with quality workmanship and Judy’s fixation with controlling costs, they were able to compete effectively and build a successful, sustainable business in less than 3 years, resulting in the need for bigger premises, where they are today in Killarney Gardens.

Murray and Roberts were so impressed with the quality of their structural steel work that they encouraged Shlomo and Judy to start Mazor Aluminium in 1991, and awarded them their first two jobs. From these humble beginnings Mazor Aluminium quickly dominated the Cape skyline and remain the preferred partner for multi-storey projects.

Shlomo and Judy passed the baton on to the next generation in the late 1990’s with Ronnie assuming the role of CEO and Liat the role of CFO. Under their leadership, the Mazor group continued to expand with the purchase of Compass Glass in 2008 and HBS Aluminium Systems in 2010.

Compass Glass leads the way in value-added glass products and holds the prestigious EU mark. HBS Aluminium Systems has been transformed from a stockist to a systems house with branded aluminium systems that are tested in the only SANAS accredited test rig in South Africa.


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8 Monza Road  |  Killarney Gardens  |  Cape Town  |  7441